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Flower Stand
Who can pass up a roadside stand? Whether you're visiting by serendipity or on purpose, the Daniels Road flower stand is open from roughly May - October. Of course, Mother Nature gets the last word on when the season begins and ends.

The flower stand operates on the honor system.  Choose what you like and leave payment in the blue metal box or send it through Venmo. To

join the mailing list, register here. Mailing list subscribers are the first to know when the flower stand has been replenished throughout the growing season.

Flower subscriptions 

Enjoy a steady stream of home-grown blossoms all season—or gift them to a friend! Choose from

2 spots to pick up a generous arrangement of fresh, unique, seasonal flowers: our property on Daniels Road in Greenfield, NY, or a central location near downtown Saratoga Springs.  


Subscriptions  are limited to ensure there are enough flowers to share throughout the season. Registration will close when the limit has

been reached.

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