Bringing a little bit of nature indoors is such a pleasure. To help make this possible, the Daniels Road flower stand is open from roughly June - October. Mother Nature always gets the last word on when flower season begins and ends.

Flower subscriptions are available in biweekly or monthly increments. There will also be a choice of 2 locations where you can pick up a generous arrangement of fresh, unique, seasonal blossoms for your home: our property on Daniels Road in Greenfield, NY, or a central location near downtown Saratoga Springs.  


To make sure there are enough flowers to share throughout the season, the number of subscriptions is limited. Registration will close when the limit has been reached.

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The flower stand will continue to operate as it always has - on the honor system. To join the mailing list, register here. Mailing list subscribers are among the first to know when the flower stand has been replenished throughout the growing season.

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