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About me 

I'm crazy about plants. I'm fascinated by the shapes and textures of flowers and seed pods. I love looking for woodland treasures and filling my pockets with rocks and acorns. I look forward to checking my favorite spots to see if the May apples are blooming, or if the milkweed pods have shed their fluff yet. I'm inspired by bringing wisps and bits of the magical plant world indoors, while making sure to leave plenty intact for future seasons.


Gathering bouquets from the woods, the garden, or the roadside gives me so much joy - not only for the plants' natural charm, but also for their toughness and tiny carbon footprint. Whenever possible, I also like
to upcycle glass vessels and canning jars, which can be repurposed after their job displaying fresh, vibrant flowers is done. My goal is to tread gently on the planet while sharing the beauty all around us.

I would love to help you celebrate your wedding, birthday,  or other special event. I can also craft weekly arrangements for your home or office. Holiday swags, Mother's Day baskets, and new baby bouquets are also available, and can be customized for any budget. Please call or email for a quote or consultation.