Gatherings is a Greenfield, NY-based garden and small-scale flower farm, where plants from the wild mingle with specialty flowers to bring rustic charm to special occasions, weddings, and everyday life.

Spring is finally here, which means there will soon be lots of blossoms to share with subscription holders and at the flower stand on Daniels Road! Subscriptions generally start in July, and are available on a rolling basis throughout the summer and early fall.  Click here to learn more. 

The flower stand will open sometime in May. Check Facebook or Instagram for timing and details,
or join the mailing list to receive restocking updates. Mailing list subscribers are
among the first to know when the stand has been replenished!

birthday dahlia bouquet
birchbark containers
yellow dahlias
bridesmaid bouquet
lilacs & daffodils
ranunculus & geum
orange & green
bridesmaid bouquet
bark & moss pod
pink & green & lilac buds
pink peonies
pumpkins & bittersweet
ferns & seedheads
winter basket